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People who went from Democrat to Republican, and Republican to Democrat. What changed your thoughts/Political beliefs?

I’m curious, since I’d like to know both sides of the story. While I’d like to make myself clear, I’m anti biden- but I’m not a big fan of mr trump either. I’m young, I honestly am glad I didn’t have to vote either, but I have my reasons for disliking both. I’m a centrist, But I’m probably more right leaning than anything. 

What are the things you discovered, or may have researched to have changes your thoughts on what beliefs you originally may have clinged to? what wake up call it may have been, whatever.

Please remain civil, and I genuinely could care less who you support, I’m fine with people of either party.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It's up to all of us to cross reference for confirmation, to know the difference between fact/opinion, to be aware of what's omitted and to be prepared to stall convictions pending more data. There's no shortage of fake news because people line up to buy it. The reasons one may choose to change are as varied/numerous as there are opinions.

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