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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 2 months ago

Would taking microeconomics in 8 weeks be too difficult?

I need to take microeconomics (in junior college) and I don’t have a strong economics background. Do you think it would be doable for someone like me? The class is also online so I don’t know if it would make it harder to learn than in person. Should I go for it online? Or wait to take it over a longer semester. 


To CarolOkla, the community college I attend has multiple sessions that open up within the semester. They have 16wk,12wk,8wk,and 4wk classes.

Update 2:

Right now I am taking one 3 credit course (12wk long) and the economics class is 3 credits 

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  • 1 month ago

    Are you already taking full-term classes this semester? And how many credits is the economics class? 

    If a normal semester is 16 weeks, then taking an 8-week class is comparable to taking two 16-week class. In other words, a 8-week 3-credit class will "feel like" taking 6 credits. 

    So if you're already taking 12 or more credits this semester, don't add a half-term class. 

    But if you're only taking nine or fewer credits, due to dropping a class or whatever, then adding a three-credit half-term class should feel like a "normal" 15-credit course load. 

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    2 months ago

    Microeconomics is supposed to become first introductory economic course. You don't need an economics background. Since when can you choose the length of a term at a specific college or university. It isn't even midterm of the spring semester yet yet. If your college has a quarter academic calendar, you are?stuck with an 8 week term no matter which term you take the course. If college has a semester academic calendar it's your choice?whether you take it with a 14 to 26 week semester if an 8 week summer school course. 

    Online courses are a lot harder to stay motivated.i have gone to school online and the quarters were only 6 weeks long. 

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