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the good and the bad audio.?

I had recorded a movie from the DVR to the desktop.

The audio waves at the top is the audio from the movie that i recorded from the DVR. the sound is even and no loud and low sounds and sounds great...

The audio waves on the bottom is from the same movie but it is rough. 

I used the compressor to even the high and low sounds. I listing to it on the tv and no up and down on the volume but it brings out a noisy sound, like hearing a flag flopping in the wind, just not smooth sounding. 


is there a video editor that adjusts the overall gain in a movie.

I have downloaded a movie. I watched it on the tv and it was outrageous high and loud sound, having to turn up and down the volume.

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  • 1 month ago
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    That's pretty much what compression does - it raises the background, so all the usually faint stuff becomes more audible.

    Try using AGC instead; that adjusts the overall gain rather than compressing audio.

    Search google for 

    Audacity "AGC - Automatic Gain Control"

    The first link should take you to an Audacity forum post by "steve" with infor and a download link.

    Add that to Audacity and give it a try.

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