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Can any English or literature experts please help me shorten these following sentences to have it as my theme statement? 1-2 sentences?

In the vignette The First Job, Sandra Cisneros examines the theme of loss of innocence which is the result of someone coming to a realization that society is filled with nothing but iniquity, dreadfulness, and agony. This is briefly expressed through Esperanza who is only an adolescent who has grown into having her own desires and purpose at a young age. She had been honored to be making choices all on her own for once, but it had led her to getting assaulted because of being easily deceived by an old man who she assumed had good intentions due to her pure-mindedness.  

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    You're trying to stuff your evidence into your introduction. Save something for the rest of the paper. 

    "In the vignetter The First Job, Sandra Cisnero examines the theme of loss of innocence."  Then you have a body paragraph that explains what loss of innocence means, and you provide quotes from the work to support your point.

    The is expressed through the character of Esperanza as she moves from adolescence to adulthood."  Then you can have a paragraph about how Esperanze is honored to make her own choices but then gets assaulted, with quotes from the story. 

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