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Anonymous asked in HealthWomen's Health · 2 months ago

Are period changes normal?

Most anyone I ask is either on birth control or has been pregnant or has done BOTH. So for anyone who is in their late twenties, hasnt been pregnant or on birth control:

Have you noticed your period changed over time?

I remember my periods being heavy, with clots and sometimes at night, I would leak through my pad and have to change more often. It would last around 5 days, being heavy-ish on the first 3 days and then lighter for the last 2. I would always get painful cramps.

Now that I'm 29, it seems like my period is more manageable. I dont have to worry about leaking often. It seems lighter and I almost dont get anything on pad all night. I also dont have as much cramping as before.

Is this normal? I know some people have been getting changes to their menstrual cycle after taking birth control but I've never taken it so I dont know what else to attribute these changes to. I am hoping it's not perimenopause at my age or any changes in hormones that could affect pregnancy.

Thanks in advance


Also my cycles are normal, around 28 days on average.

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    2 months ago

    VERY normal. Me:

    1. Ages 12-14, the beginning, so not really any cycle until I was about 15. Light, then heavy, then light, then nonexistent for 4 months, whatever.

    2. Ages 15-18, 27 day cycle, heavier than all hell (would bleed through a tampon and pad in less than an hour for 3 days), but cramps weren't bad...yet.

    3. 19-24, 32 day cycle, still had heavy days, and cramps were the mother-effing WORST during this time in my life. And CLOTS, CLOTS, CLOTS like crazy.

    4. 25-33, 30 day cycle, 6 days a week, heavy for 4 days, cramps not terrible, but my emotional PMS was through the ROOF. It was horrible. Still had the clots.

    5. 33-Current (36), 29 day cycle, physical PMS worse (headaches, sore boobs, bloating), period cravings worse, cramps worse, BUT shorter cycle, one bad heavy day, days 2 and 3 like...hardly anything, 4th day, Niagara Bloody Falls, then DONE. Next to NO clots at all.

    I have never ever in my life met a woman who was a perfect 28 days cycle from puberty to menopause, 5 day period, typical 2 heavy days, tapering off the last 3. These women don't exist. It changes as you get older. I confirmed this with many doctors over the years to make sure that I was ok. They all said the same thing, that as you age, your periods get better, then get worse, then get better and back and forth until menopause. You're normal :)

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