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advanced algebra question!! ?

it’s a 5 part question, 

(table to answer the question is what the pic is) 1. write an equation for the values in the table. 2. identify their initial value.3. identify the base.  4. is this a shrink or a stretch? 5. is this a growth/decay? Anything helps:) thank you 

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1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    You'd know that 16 = 2^4, 8 = 2^3, 4 = 2^2, 2 = 2^1 and 1 = 2^0 so the base is 2, and

      you need to figure out how to make -2 become 4, -1 become 3, 0 become 2, 1 become 1 and 2 become 0.

    y = 2 ^ (2 - x)

    The values for f(x) are decreasing as x increases so it's not growth.

    That's some of it anyway, hope it helps.

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