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Whats your favorite pokemon  ?

mine is wishiwashi

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    Poochyena.      Funny story from when my son was just a tot........

    I had an asthma attack and passed out in the kitchen, and my son was there, and saw the whole thing.......and after I recovered, the little smart asss comes to me, with a Pokemon card, and says   "This is YOU!" 

    It was a Poochyena card of him, passed out on his exhausted after a battle. 

    I was so proud.........his first attempt at being a little smartasss. ! 

    I was so touched, I framed the card and kept it.  I still have it. 

    We use to joke around at Bedtime, calling each other the worst Pokemon we could think it was a great insult........ and we'd go back and forth......

    You're CRABBY.......Yeah? well you're PELIPPER!   Oh yeah?  well you're Sewaddle!

    Is that so!!!! Oh yeah, well you're Ducklett!  Well you're Flaaffy!       sez you , Cubchoo!

    and this would go on and on, going thru 50 or 60 pokemon........and the killing blow was usually ,    "well, you're SHUCKLE! "

    to which he'd respond........Oh yeah? well you're POOCHYENA! 

    and that was usually, the final insult, and I would act like he finally got me with that one.......and he would go to sleep all content that he got the best insult for last in. 

    For some reason, being called "Shuckle" was the worst....but the only thing that could top it, was being called  Poochyena.        

    We did this every night for years.    Ahhhh, those were the days. 

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    1 month ago

    Unown. The words I can spell. 

  • 1 month ago


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