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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 month ago

What do you think about terrorism as an element of the struggle for national liberation and freedom fighters?

What do you think about terrorism as an element of the struggle for national liberation, knows little about it, but the founding father of modern Poland Marshal Józef Piłsudzki  was a terrorist :-)

(He was socialist but in the early XX century ware something else that today "socialist))

Poland was once partied between Prussia(later 2 nd Keiser Reich) Austria(later Austria-Hungary)

So does IRA Ireland  and or HAGANA in Israel :-)

Although the Jews will probably accuse me of anti-Semitism xD

But it was true

Just like Nelson Mandela, he was also a terrorist because he used terrorist methods to fight Apertheid in South Africa

Or even Suffragettes fighting for women's rights.

I am very interested in history, that's why I am writing this :)


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That so  sad 

My grandfather was an officer in the Imperial-Royal Army of Austro Hungary, for example I am a closed homosexual with Aspergers nerd fascinated by the firearms of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire and the German Empire of Emperor Wilhelm

like StG44 that it's WWII actually but I love it in games and want test in firing range once but bullets are expansive to it 

What do you think of that

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    1 month ago
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    Had Józef Piłsudzki lived beyond 1935 there would never have been WW2.

    His successor, Edward Rydz-Smigly saw himself as a dictator and despised Germany. He was obsessed with going to war with Germany but lacked the military strength to do it.

    Britain took advantage and manipulated him into Provoking Germany into an attack. Britain offered to assist Poland if Germany attacked and this boosted Smigly's confidence in thinking that Britain had his back.

    It turned out Britain had set up Poland to provoke Germany so that they would be blamed for starting the war.

    Józef Piłsudzki and Hitler were negotiating access to Danzig without resorting to violence. Once Piłsudzki died, the deal was off.

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    What do I think about terrorism?

    Terrorists demonstrate their ruthlessness. Most of the people would never trust any of them.

    What do I think about their chances of success?

    Some of them are successful to a limited extent. That's possible where a majority of people feeling oppressed are living side by side with those they consider to be the oppressors. ANC and PLO might be examples of such a limited success.

    Some of them never really change anything, if those who feel oppressed aren't a majority. Years and years of terrorism were in vain for ETA and IRA.

    Some of them are counterproductive, if hardly anyone agrees with their world views. The public will despise them instead of showing any sympathy. RAF and Islamists in the West experienced this.

    Well, Pilsudsky was living in a time when there was still a stiff and common belief, that all authorities were the will of God.

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