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If employee is asked to make soda run for client, & ends up using the store’s ATM because he had no money, will he be reimbursed the ATM fee?

Let’s say the partner tells employee/gofer in a neurotic manner to buy a soda for her client, but doesn’t give him any money, due to being distracted by her neurotic mode.  In addition, he didn’t get a chance to ask her for money, because she immediately walked away from him in a hurry.  

When he gets to the store which is located in the lobby of the building, he realizes he has no cash on him.  So he uses the store’s ATM, since walking to his bank which is in the neighborhood, would take up too much time.  Naturally, the partner practically snatches the drink from his hand, again leaving him no opportunity to ask for his money back.

Provided he has the receipt, will HR (who keeps petty cash handy) reimburse him with the ATM fee?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You have a nerve calling your employer neurotic.  Based on what you said, you are clearly the neurotic one.  You expect your employer to leave the client while she runs to get you money?  And you expect reimbursement the moment of delivery?  Submit your receipt for what you purchased and you will be paid either from petty cash if it falls under their limit, or at your next pay period.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Relax!  Get a petty cash slip, fill it out completely including the ATM fee and then have the partner sign it. Then go to HR and get your money.   You are making a big deal over nothing.

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