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What is the meaning of " more as he preferred to remember her"?

By the time Dexter splashed down the sideway with the pizza boxes on his

fore-arms, Elizabeth was setting the table. He stopped to wipe his feet and

saw the big, free, two-handed gesture with which she flung out the

tablecloth, a movement which seemed to him so carelessly proprietary, so

symbolic of serene domesticity, that performed by someone other than his

mother or his wife, parodied indeed by this viper, it became a travesty of

truth and beauty. And yet the face she turned to him when she heard his feet

scraping the mat was softened by the flush of alcohol: in the inadequate

light she looked younger, sorrier, more deferential, more as he preferred to

remember her.

Does it mean: she had changed a lot that he wanted to not forget her?

3 Answers

  • 1 month ago
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    It means that he would rather remember her as she used to be, not like how she was now.

  • 1 month ago

    "she looked younger, sorrier, more deferential, more as he preferred to remember her"

    There are four comparative terms. As you so rightly imply, compared to what? It doesn't explicitly say. Most likely is that she looked that way compared to what he usually thought of her, or what he had just been thinking before he came home. Why? Apparently due to the inadequate light and/or the flush of alcoho.

  • 1 month ago

    The point here is that she is no longer the person that was so attractive to him. Now, he sees something that kind of repulses him, yet there is still some part of him that remembers who and what she once was, and tries to remember it.  He does not like this person now, so all he has left is memories of when she was not this awful being.  He more or less forces himself to think of her as she was rather than as she is.  That is the idea of "as he prefers to remember her".  When he thinks of this viper as the memory, there will be no love left.

    She has changed a lot, and he wants to forget, or really, not even face (wants to deny) what she now is.  So he forces the better woman of his memory on top of his thoughts.  This lady is awful, but once she was good, so if I have to think about her, I choose to think only of that good person she once was and try to ignore the viper she has become.  That is the only way I can deal with this nightmare.

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