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how do you survive feelings of doom and gloom?

i often get the anxiousness and fear about the future and whats coming next? it doesn't help when you see news alerts all over the place now, which creates fear and mass hysteria....and i deal with a severe anxiety disorder anyway....i'm a male aged 43.

any help?

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  • 1 month ago
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    How to relax when bombs are falling all around you and people are dyeing right and left?  You don't.  Your not expected to.  Perhaps when it is all over.  But not right now.  It may not be that bad.  But if your surfing the Internet it may as well be.  By the time your done your brain has probably released every toxic hormone into your body and your insides are as tense as they would be in a war.  So, what is the difference?  Wars end.  You get over them.  You don't go back the next day and do it to yourself again and again and again year after year like you do with the Internet.  So enjoy.  It will be the death of all of us sooner or later.  

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