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Terry asked in PetsBirds · 2 months ago

 T his last lot of 3 babies, 2 make lots of hissing when I check on them and one does not does that mean 2 girls, 1boy ?

I have pied cockatiels so difficult to sex - adult males make lots more noise than females so that is easy but not so sure with youngsters. I have noticed with multiple babies some make more hissing that others so wondered if that would help me tell boys from girls.

1 Answer

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    1 month ago

    No both male and females will hisss to show aggression to warn you to not get any closer. It's a natural and learned behavior.

    The more socialized with humans they are, the less either will display such behavior. So for sexing, how aggressive they are, is not a good tool IMHO. Especially having known noisy female that everyone assumed were male, due to their size and how aggressive they were, until they laid their first egg. 


    Same for quiet males, until they mounted all the "other", females and was the only one in the breeders cage that didn't drop eggs. Whoops! 

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