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Anonymous asked in Social ScienceDream Interpretation · 2 months ago

Can a person hypnotise themself?

I've been following a lot of therapists these days, so I have a basic understanding of putting a person into a hypnotic state. I even enrolled in a Marisa Peer course where she guides you through hypnosis to heal from trauma. Anyway, something strange happened this morning. I was fast asleep, dreaming, and at some point in my dream, I realised that I was in fact dreaming. This is always the part where I'll wake up and I have no control over that. But this time in my dream, I tried something to prevent myself from waking up. I could recall some phrases used in hypnosis, looked into the mirror in the room I was standing in in my dream, and started reciting these steps to keep myself from waking. My brain always seems to work better when I'm dreaming or just about to wake. I can recall things from my memory very easily (I have horrendous working memory when awake), and have even dreamed up fully formed songs. But moving on- I remember looking at myself in the mirror and speaking to myself- something about becoming more relaxed. "Deeper and deeper into sleep." Then I remember hearing a click in my mind just as people do in guided hypnosis to assist a person's mind in going into a more relaxed state. I can't remember the other things I said but it was all regarding remaining in a relaxed state and falling further into sleep. Strangely, it worked. I was fully immersed in the dream and it was honestly so bizarre. Eventually, I forgot I was dreaming and the dream just continued...


But seriously, it was such a cool experience because dreaming is completely different when you're aware that you're dreaming. My surroundings felt so real and I could feel everything I touched. It's like I'd just stepped into another world. Usually, even the long dreams only seem like an instant in time once you've woken. But a part of my brain was conscious and I could fully appreciate it and time very much moved at a normal pace...

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Well, I'm glad you had such a positive experience.  Although you posted this (question?) in dream interpretation, I think some other department  of yahoo Answers would be better able to comment on this "hypnotic effect" you caused yourself to experience, in an "unconscious, or subconscious state of mind.  It's hard for me to categorize your experience, a dream, a hypnotism, or some subconscious experience.  Maybe the Psychology department, or a medical department of Yahoo Answers could give you more information or answers about what actually happened to you. . 

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