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Jobs and experiences? ?

In every job interview they ask about experience and hire you according to your experience. How do I get experience if I. Ain't gona get a job because I don't have experience. Most of the times this happens with people alot. Wth 

2 Answers

  • Alex
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    First of all, hit up staffing agencies.  Many companies only fill their entry level jobs through agencies, so they are a good place to start.

    Second, you may have to start out in a lesser role than what you're wanting.  For example, if you're wanting a job doing customer service, then take a job doing retail work.  When it comes time to applying for the customer service job, explain to them how you have experience doing customer service in your retail work.

    Or, you may have to just get your experience on your own outside of work.  For example, if you're wanting a job doing IT tech support, be the IT support person for your friends and family.  Build yourself a gaming PC.  Then talk about this when you interview (that is how I got my first tech support job). 

  • It's kind of a catch 22 when it comes to jobs and having experience. You need the job but you don't have the experience. 

    I started volunteering when I didn't have any experience. That helped me get a part time job, which eventually lead to getting a full time job. You say to them that you may not have the experience, but you're willing to do the job and you would love to work for ____. (insert company name), because___. Do some research on the company, find out what perks they offer their employees. If you have any friends that are employed, ask them if they would help you get a job in their workplace. 

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