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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationRail · 2 months ago

Iwas in carAccident during a delivery for door dash. I have full coverage but it does not cover this. Does door dash or auto pay for medical?

I was involved in a car accident. There was a flashing yield light on a turn and there was a hill so I didn't see the other car coming and it popped out of no where. The cops gave me a ticket for "inattentive" driving. Why do they issue tickets for accidents? I thought mn was a no fault state. I don't know if I should schedule a hearing officer or just pay it. I was already supposed to move out the country this weekend so I'm hoping this can be resolved fast or done abroad. But now there is some confusion on who will pay the emergency room visit and my chiropractor visits. I was a on a live delivery and I'm pretty positive my insurance will deny paying the car maybe besides the tow, since I didn't pay for third party delivery insurance or business insurance even though I have full coverage. And I'm not sure if doordash pays for my medical or the insurance company. At this point I'll take the loss on the car but I'm not sure what will happen to the medical bill


There were multiple things not entirely correct with the hypothetical story

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  • 2 months ago

    If you are going to be in business than you require business insurance including operating your vehicle as a commercial enterprise. I'm surprised that Door Dash does not require you to file a copy of "your" commercial insurance with their home office.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    "No fault" means your medical bills are paid by YOUR insurance no matter WHO was at fault - you OR the other party.  The car didn't pop out of nowhere.  I hear this a thousand times a week.  You didn't SEE the car.  It didn't drop out of the sky.  You didn't see it, you went through the flashing light, you are at least 85% at fault.  YOU will pay the medical bills UNLESS the other driver was 100% responsible, and we know that isn't how the accident happened.  Yes, your insurance company will deny the claim if you were driving "commercially" and did not have "commercial" insurance.  Read your agreement with Door Dash.  They very specifically address that they will NOT pay for auto accident claims.  Of course they won't pay the tow.  As far as your ticket - is mailing the fine an option OR - and it's true in many States - do you need to appear?  And what is your plan for paying for the other party's damages if they don't carry collision insurance?  And their medical bills?  Oh, and "why do they issue tickets for accidents?"  Because accidents aren't acts of God   Accidents are caused by negligence.


    I'd be FAR less concerned with no fault, your medical bills and the towing bill and far MORE concerned with the other person's losses.  Done abroad?  You can be sued, yes, and you can be compelled to return to the USA at YOUR COST if the other party sues.  Or else the other party can get a judgment against you and pursue in another country.

    Source(s): Claims adjuster
  • D50
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    If you have no contract that requires someone to pay, no one will pay. The ticket you got is another matter, but it is cheap compared to the accident.

  • 2 months ago

    Your personal car insurance clearly states that it does not cover driving related work.

    When you sign up for doordash the sign-up process makes it very clear that your personal insurance does not cover your doordash work.

    * you knew this, you ignored this. 

    You did not have valid insurance at the time of the accident and you should have gotten a ticket for this too!

    Why did you get a ticket for the accident because you disobeyed a traffic law.

    Your health insurance and you pay for any medical bills that you incur. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Doordash will not pay. Read your contract. Use your health insurance. No fault or not, if you broke the law, you deserve a ticket.

  • Rick B
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Of course DoorDash will not pay for it.  You are a private contractor, not an employee.  Don't you have MEDICAL insurance?  That is what pays medical bills.

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