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Why do I always feel edgy and like I should be doing something else at the moment?

I have anxiety and am being treated for it professionally. But I'd like more clarity on why I am always unhappy and uncomfortable when I'm at work or alone, like I feel I should be doing more, being more productive, and like I'm wasting my time and value, even though I do my best and more, and enjoy what I do whether it's my work or my hobbies? My body is always so tense, and my head always has this feeling of it being tightened. Where does this feeling come from and is it common, and why is that? It also feels like I am doing something wrong if I am just relaxing, daydreaming, or being happy. Like I should work harder than I am, and that if I'm happy, then it means I'm not doing enough hard work, or that I should be also productive and being happy and relaxed is not enough, is wasted time and energy.

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  • OTTO
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    1 month ago
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    Likely a parent pushed you to "do more." If not, then social messages are the root cause. Doing nothing is a skill. It requires practice. Unless you have big goals that require major investments of time and energy, eg, medical school, then why not enjoy just being? As long as the bills are paid and the house is somewhat clean, what is the problem? 

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