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john asked in SportsRunning · 1 month ago

wanting to get off antidepressants and pursue running career?

right now i am on a small dose of antidepressants and i am good at running and i like doing it so i want to train and get better which is kind of what i am doing and i want to get off the antidepressants as a part of my training strategy to getting better at running. i started running when i was 10 years old. i am 20 years old and am taking one college class and i might want to run in college or just on my own terms. even though not many people do it. i am very sure i am legitimately good at running not just for me and my autism, depression, psychosis, add, and anxiety. so i am going to practice and get better so i can feel good about myself even though there were times i didn't try due to not feeling good about myself.

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    1 month ago

    Good luck to you. However, you failed to ask a question, which is the whole point of this site. What running-related question may we help you with?

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