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owlxxeyes asked in HealthOther - Health · 1 month ago

Why is my food getting stuck on the way down?

I went to the doctor last year because every time I would eat or drink, I would burp continuously and I was concerned. She told me that I had GERD but I don't feel like I have any acid reflux or heartburn.

Lately, I notice when I drink water I feel the coolness on the way down. Today, I was eating and I felt my food going down and it hurt. I had to stop eating and rest for a bit. It can be any type of food. I think my food is just getting stuck plus I feel constipated all the time so not sure what is happening with my body.

I'm a female, on the thinner side, and only 28 years old.

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  • 1 month ago
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    I think that, if you google GERD diet, you're going to find a list of foods to avoid and foods which are ok.  I hope that helps?

  • 1 month ago

    You may be experiencing a fate that has ruled my life since age 11. Your esophagus is a thin, cylinder-shape tube that connects to your stomach and known as an esophageal sphincter(valve). Peoples' esophagus is become narrow and make food hard to reach the stomach for digesting. A medical Gastroenterologist can perform a procedure known as Upper Endoscopy. A hand-held endoscope with light and camera can be pushed through your esophagus and pictures taken for later diagnosis. The endoscope has attachments that can push air and water into the esophagus and stomach. One attachment can stretch-open the esophagus from throat to stomach. I have had this procedure performed on me about once a year because I get choked on food sometimes. Your regular doctor can refer you to a Gastroenterologist for the procedure. Of course, your throat is sprayed with a solution that numbs the throat. You are also given a medicine that puts you to sleep during the procedure. Medical insurance pays for the procedure. I have had an overactive stomach lining that spews too much stomach acid, and I have had 5 ulcers and survived two stomach-cancer operations. If I were not a military veteran, I would not receive the excellent care at the Houston VA Medical Center .I take a new medicine that dissolves on the tongue in one minute and use it to absorb the excess stomach acid. Go to Google and search for Heimlich Maneuver. This maneuver was developed my the German doctor. I taught myself how to perform the maneuver on myself that moves stuck food in my esophagus that is usually push into the mouth. Good Luck.

  • 1 month ago

    Well, I'm not a doctor, but, knowing that my doctor has years of training and experience in medicine, I listened to her and she put me on esomeprasol.  No more food getting stuck in my throat.  

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