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Juan Leal asked in PetsDogs · 1 month ago

Why does my Maltipoo puppy bark at my father in law?

I just got a 8 week year old Maltipoo puppy. My girlfriend and I always spend time with the dog and my father in law is always around. But every time my father in law moves, gets up, or comes out of his room the dog just barks and growls at him. The dog does stop after he pets the dog, father in law does not mistreat the dog. He does grab the dog to pet it and cuddle it but as soon as he puts the dog down it tends to bark and growl at him minutes after. Why does my dog do this to my father in law? What can we do to stop my dog from barking and growling at my father in law? 

Thank you 

7 Answers

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    Because you let it. Get in a dog trainer to help you TRAIN it not to bark (much easier when it's a puppy) and have your father in law give it treats so it associates him as a positive, not someone to growl at. 

  • 1 month ago

    Probably doesn't like the way he 'snatches' her up.  Could be a dog that doesn't like men.

    You are confusing us by the age of the pup.  Is it 8 weeks old or a yr old dog?  The behavior of an 8 week old pup is much different in a yr old pup.  Maybe he smells different than anyone else.

    You can google, 'stop excessive barking' & work on that training.

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    Your question is super confusing and makes it harder to answer since the age of the dog (or puppy) is unclear.   You say you have an ..."8 week YEAR old puppy".  {That is two entirely different age animals, described.}  You call the animal in question a DOG..... in every following sentence. {Dogs are at least 1 year old and are no longer a puppy.}  

    The misbehavior can be due to entirely different, reasons  DEPENDING on age, and prior circumstances.  If this is a new 8 week old puppy, it may or may not have gotten much socialization (esp to men) PRIOR to arriving in your home.  Breeders of intentional mutts often crank out puppies, but do not raise them particularly well and may also not be breeding from good quality parental stock = as to TEMPERAMENT.  So you may be digging yourselves "out of a hole" - from said circumstances.  

    However, your puppy is also NOW (at 8 weeks) in what is known as a natural "FEAR PERIOD" so it is more common for formerly normal things to be of concern or to be fear-causing.  If you do not know this, you do not know much about puppies & their mental development.  I highly recommend, "How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With" by Rutherford & Neil.  It takes you through the whole first year & 4 fear periods (as well as how to deal with them) in addition to basic training and socialization.

    You should not FORCE interaction with your FIL. The puppy SHOULD NOT ever be GRABBED (by him especially) or lifted, if at all possible.  Something in his manner or voice FRIGHTENS the puppy (hence the DEFENSIVE barking).  Puppies often FEAR being lifted (can struggle & can get DROPPED - leading to INJURY) and that is best left to ONLY you, and your GF.  

    FIL needs to bend down or sit on the floor or just ignore the puppy. - It is NOT HIS DOG and he really has NO RIGHT (is not ENTITLED) to put his hands on it, if this is an issue.  By the same token, you should tell puppy to "hush" & distract it rather than letting the barking go on.

    If this is an adult newly adopted dog (again 100% UNCLEAR) then it may have had bad interactions with a male in its past. Men often hand out HARSH discipline in homes to dogs. Trust is built SLOWLY, and not by FORCE.  Once again, FIL is completely wrong to GRAB the dog and LIFT IT.  WHY DON"T YOU KNOW THIS???  Are you AWARE you are making excuses for incorrect treatment of the puppy or dog - by this man?  WHY WOULD YOU EXCUSE HIS mishandling of the animal?  If this adult dog, barks (again) verbally correct and DISTRACT it or remove it from the room FIL has entered. 

  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Tell your gf father to stop 'grabbing' the mutt

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It's being barktarded

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    8 week, year old? Be more specific.

    Which is it?

    Just got it? Where from?

    A Rescue kennels?

    There is a lot of difference between in how an 8 week old pup acts and a year old dog acts and why it does it.

    basically, from what you have posted, the dog appears to be afraid of the F in Law and is acting defensively.

    Maybe he should stop `Grabbing` the dog.

    The dog obviously has a reason for its reactions to your F in law and I suspect he `may` not always be as kind to the dog as you tend to think.

    I`m sure he is sometimes alone with the dog and he `may` have a grudge against it which he hides from you.

    This is just a guess.

    However......if you have only just got this dog, then it may have been frightened by a man in its past and is scared of certain types of male humans.

    There is not enough information from you to give any real positive advice. 

  • jean
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    sometimes a dog may not like men or women.

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