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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsMathematics · 2 months ago

Calculating Probabilities from the Sampling Distribution of phat1 - phat2?

Im struggling with this particular problem because the teaching software im using does not properly explain the procedure. I guess the answer and 0.085 is correct but I dont understand how to get to it.

"It is known that 62% of Americans and 59% of Canadians eat red meat at least three times a week. A US environmental protection group thinks these proportions are actually closer together. The group took a random sample of 1,000 Americans and a random sample of 1,000 Canadians and asked them how many times a week they eat red meat.

The sampling distribution of 📷 is approximately Normal, with a mean of 0.03 and a standard deviation of 0.0219.

If needed, use the z-table to answer the question.

What is the probability that the proportion of Americans who eat red meat at least 3 times per week is less than or equal to the proportion of Canadians who eat red meat at least 3 times per week?"

1 Answer

  • Dixon
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    If the sample is being asked if they eat meat at least three times a week, which is a yes/no answer, then what does "with a mean of 0.03 " even mean?

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