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What are film producer jobs that allow work/life balance ?

I currently work as a production assistant on a union show and I’ve been looking into getting into the DGA but it requires a minimum of 600 working days just to be able to be a 2nd 2nd AD - basically I’ll have to work as a PA for 4+ years to move up. The hours are also crazy, which I don’t see being sustainable once I have a family/kids of my own. I love working in the industry but I simply don’t want to give away all of my personal life for a career. 

Are there other jobs along the lines of what producers do (project management) that are more sustainable long term and that pay well? Commercials, music videos, etc? I honestly don’t know. 

Every other PA I work with wants to get those 600 days and dedicate years of getting paid minimum wage doing the job that no one wants to do on set 

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