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How many Armed Insurrections have taken place when only 1 shot was fired. In the US.? The alleged Armed Insurrection of the US Capital Bldg.?

This is what the left wing House members and left wing Senate 

members profoundly cry out as a armed insurrection. Wake up

America. You being led by a ring in your nose down a path to

ruination and hell.


Thats right folks One shot. And that was the shot that killed the woman

who had breached the Capital Bldg.

Update 2:

Anonymous. Jan 6th. Moving cattle from the winter valley to the

first level of a 5 tiered bench. We bunched and moved 2000

head with Helicopter and Horse. And I'm sure you were sitting

in front of your tv pissing yourself over the fact something went


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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Why ya'll trying to minimise the MAGAtards treason?

    Ya'll sound nervous. 

    Where were you on the 6th of January? 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    So you're saying that it's acceptable to violently attack a government building, injure hundreds of police officers, kill five people, leave two police officers so traumatized that they commit suicide, try to "hang" the Vice President and take lawmakers hostage, overthrow the government, and install an unelected dictator, just so long as you don't discharge any firearms in the commission of these crimes?  That's, to put it bluntly, extremely idiotic. 

    The question which every Trump supporter who has an impulse to defend this crime has to ask themselves is this: would you feel the same way if the situation was reversed?  What if Trump had won, and Biden had falsely claimed fraud and then thousands of his supporters had violently assaulted the Capitol, injured dozens of cops, trashed the place, smeared feces on the walls, stolen government documents, and tried to attack lawmakers in order to stop President Trump from being confirmed for a second term.  If that had happened would you find that acceptable?  Of course not.  And because you wouldn't find that acceptable, you can't find it acceptable when Trump and Trump supporters do it.

  • ?
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    A poorly organized and hopeless insurrection is still an insurrection. 

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