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Questions about Punnett Squares?

1. I have two rabbits, one white and one black. The white one has short hair, and the black one has longer hair. Complete the Punnett square to determine the offspring of these two bunnies, if the genotypes are Wwll for the white bunny, where white is dominant, and wwLl for the black bunny, where long hair is dominant.

I made the Punnett Square, it's here:

2. Look at the Punnett square you made in number 1. Is it possible to get a short haired black bunny? How likely is it?

3. What if the bunnies I was breeding had the genotypes of WWss and wwLL. How many generations would I need to wait to get a short haired black bunny? Use Punnett Squares to show why.

How would I do this one? Please help.

4. Pretend that eyes only come in three colors, brown, green and blue. Eye color is dependent on two genes. Brown or blue on the first, and green or blue on the second. (This will be a Punnett Square with two traits.) The first gene controls a colored layer near the front of the eyeball (nearest the observer). If this colored layer is brown (BB or Bb), the observer will see brown eyes and the second layer will not be seen. If the first layer is blue (bb), the observer will see through that layer to the second colored layer behind it. The second colored layer can be green (GG or Gb) or blue (bb). If a woman has green eyes, what are her possible allele combinations on her genes for eye color (her possible genotypes)? List them all.


1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    You can simplify your Punnett square a lot since each bunny produces only 2 kinds of gametes. The white one produced Wl and wl. The black one produces wL and wl

    So, in this square 1/4 will be WwLl, 1/4 will be Wwll, 1/4 will be wwLl and 1/4 will be wwll. 

    2. 1/4 of the offspring will be wwll which is a black bunny with short hair.

    3. (I think you meant WWll and wwLL.) You will need 2 generations. The F1 offspring will all have genotype WwLl. The gametes from these bunnies will be WL, Wl, wL and wl. When you do the Punnett square, you see that 1/16 of the offspring will be wwll.

    4. In this problem, the second layer alleles should be G and g (not b). So, GG and Gg are green and gg is blue. In order to have green eyes, the outer layer must be blue (bb) and the second layer could be either GG or Gg. So, the woman's genotype must be either bbGG or bbGg

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