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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 2 months ago

med physics hw question?

What would the blur and magnification be for the following values for focal spot size, source–patient distance, and patient–receptor distance: d1 = 39 cm and d2 = 22 cm; focal spot size a = 0.1 mm. (These values are similar to those used in a high-resolution follow-up mammogram. The breast actually would be several centimeters thick, but for this problem you can ignore its width.) Discuss how these numbers relate to the text’s statements about how large an object within the breast can be resolved, and compare to typical intensifying screen blurs of 0.1 mm and greater.

i did the math part, solved for the answers and got M = 1.56 and B = 0.0056 cm but i am not 100% sure about how to answer the second part. 

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