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SSR Dirtbike ELectric Start help needed?

Son has an SSR 190 pit bike we got from someone a year ago. The electric start on it has stopped.  The battery for that electric start is in Japanese.  Even Autozone has no idea what it is but is lithium maybe?  How do I find out what battery to replace this one with?  The brand leads us to a non-existant battery online. I can't find out anything from the vin number either. Im just a mom with a teen who needs help. Thanks. 

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6 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    it is probably 12 Volt. system. Normally a lead acid battery goes in there.  I did find these batteries but they are all Lithium(usually not used in bikes because of cost) and you said you got it from someone.  So that will not be the original battery.  Batteries last maybe 3 years and then they are toast.  Chances are good this battery was no good either.  Go to the dealer bike shop(look in the yellow pages and you will see who sells this bike) Buy a new proper battery and swap them.  

    / Oh just to prove I am not here is the page with this battery.

    Took me 3 seconds to find it.

    I would think that most bikes also come with a kickstarter just in case the battery is dead.

    I had both on my 750ccKawasaki

    Then you could push the bike down the road at a run and then jump on the bike and slap your butt down and let go of the clutch in 2nd gear(lift toe up).  The bike starts.  Quickly grab the clutch and rev the bike.  Now shift into first by stepping down on the shifter. and ride.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

      How do you know Battery is bad? First, try jumping off car. No Start? You have a starter motor, cable, or  solenoid problem. Might even be a bad jiffy stand or clutch switch.  Get a biker friend to diagnose.

       If it Does start, just try trickle charging it overnight, 2 amps. Borrow a  charger.

       If still  dead in n morning, try removing ground  lead  from battery, charge again. If it  starts, you probably have a leakey rect,. diode in alternator.

        If none of the above, Still wont start, do as said, try the biggest A/Hr battery that will  fit  in the hole, with terminals  properly oriented. A 12N10  should  provide  enough A/Hrs.  You may need too trailer bike to a Real motorcycle shop, they have a belter variety of MC  batteries than the 'Zone or even Batteries Plus  (NOT recommended)

        Why CAN'T it be a Lithium?  Looks like one. They are light, fail suddenly in cold weather. Many older dirt bikes used mags to save weight, too, or a big capacitor. Chinese make a lot of pit bikes, they also  make Li-Ions very cheaply, these have a 70% failure rate.

      EDIT: Most  new bikes are pussy button, only, Can't even add  a dogleg, can't replace case, clutch to fit. My '83 Honda was that way, my '06 Harley is too.

  • 1 month ago

    It is unlikely to be lithium, as they are three times the price of a lead one. As others have said, and 12v motorcycle battery that will fit should be fine.

  • 1 month ago

    Match the voltage (12V most common). Use the largest battery that will fit. Pay attention to terminal locations. Some batteries look like they will fit but the + and - terminals are backwards preventing use. Battery cables are thick to permit large amperage so connection quality is crucial. Connecters must be clean, shiny and tight (don't strip the thread however). BE VERY CAREFUL to avoid connecting plus to minus and  minus to plus. This can quickly destroy wiring etc. Be very careful to insulate connectors to avoid arcing. Experienced mechanics disconnect one of the battery terminals when performing maintenance of electric components. Never eliminate the fuse connecting the battery to the lighting, instrument etc. parts of the motorcycle. There will probably not be a fuse in the electric start/thick cable circuit. Beware modification of the electrics. You can test the starter by removing it and then connecting it across a battery with the proper voltage and polarity using jumper cables. The starter motor should spin of course. Make sure it is secure before connection. If it doesn't spin it might need new brushes.

  • ?
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    This one from Amazon lists dimensions ((( Mighty Max Battery YTX4L-BS SLA Battery for ATV Quad Dirt/Pit Bike 50/70/110/125 CC Brand Product )))

  • 2 months ago

    Any battery that will fit in the physical space should do.  The fellows at Autozone should be able to select a good substitute.

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