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Jemmy asked in HealthMental Health · 1 month ago

Struggling to cope PLEASE HELP :( ?

I have struggled with self harm for years now but in the past few months it’s got more severe. My cuts are almost always deep enough for several staples and I find myself in a pool of blood at least once a week. I try not to but the changes in my mood are getting harder to deal with. I’m constantly worried I’ll get upset angry or even “too happy”. Sometimes I can be elated and extremely happy and energetic but I can also be wreckless and impulsive when I feel like this. When I’m upset or anxious I sometimes dissociate and don’t feel real. When I’m angry I can become extremely reckless and self destructive which has led me into getting in trouble with the police. I get suicidal thoughts every so often. All my thoughts just race around sometimes and I can’t concentrate. I’m so scared people are going to leave me to fend for myself and this scares me so much. Sometimes I just shut myself away to avoid getting hurt. I’m so paranoid at times about what others think of me and that people think I’m faking my struggles and they get annoyed. I’m so sick of the doctors and people telling me it’s just behavioural i could stop if i tried it’s your choice to behave like this. I know I’m part to blame but I am trying it makes me scared to open up now because I know they won’t take my issues seriously the doctor in the police station who thought I had personality disorder traits after police found me in the road has asked for a full mental health assessment but the request was denied by GP

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  • kelvin
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    you need to be seen by a better general practioner

  • 1 month ago

    You cause physical pain in yourself to forget about emotional pain. But there is help, as shown in the articles below. Love yourself, take care and be well.

  • 1 month ago

    I think you should reach a suicidal hotline if it gets too bad. I know it may seem impossible but try to get a therapist or talk to someone you trust. And I’ve realized if you think people will think your doing it for attention or even you think you are it’s most likely serious (Which it really is) and they probably won’t and if you do you don’t need them in your life. It may be hard but you need to ask for help. I’ve also heard that ice cubes and red food dye help for a self harm substitute along with rubber bands. My parents and sister have all tried to kill themselves but they got help in time just like you should. YOU GOT DIS

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  • 1 month ago

    About the idea that this is "behavioral," dealing with the behavior matters. This is important: treatments that only reduce self-harm are considered successful. The less you self-harm the stronger you are and better able to deal with the problems that led to your self-harm. Likewise, the better you are in dealing with the underlying problems the more it reduces the self-harm. What underlying problem has led to your self-harm we can only guess, but I'll say stress reduction methods would do you no harm. 

    Freedom from Self-Harm: Overcoming Self-Injury with Skills from DBT and Other Treatments -- This book has been endorsed by Marsha Linehan, who created DBT, the best treatment for borderline personality disorder, which has serious self-injury as a frequent symptom. If you go to the Amazon ad, you'll see that readers GREATLY appreciate this book. One said, "This book helped me tremendously."

    There's a wide variety of treatments. Very severe cases require months of intense therapy but many people do well with a treatment that's just a booklet and a few therapy sessions, usually 2 or 3.

    Stress advice, rated Best -

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