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what are the less known guitar brands and models from guitarist that have not made them that famous?

im looking forward on buying a guitar but I want a electric guitar that is not that famous or less guitarist have not been that famous for

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  • 1 month ago
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    The problem you have there is that a lot of the unknown or little known brands are that way as they are either not very good, or are overpriced...

    There are a few exceptions.

    Samick - virtually everything they make is labelled as another big-name brand as most are made for other companies, but they do sell a few under their own name.

    Casio ! - Look for an old one such as an MG510; those are an exceptionally well made, Japanese-built Stratocaster style guitar, with the Casio brand and some unusual extra electronics that in no way affect the use as a conventional guitar.

    (They have fully integral MIDI pickups and MIDI out - you can plug in to a synth and eg. play a saxophone or piano, at the flick of a switch, or flick back to conventional guitar jack out).

    And of course Steinberger. You see those in professional use at times & they are superb, but for whatever reason then name is rarely mentioned - often just "that headless thing" or something along those lines.

    A Steinberger "Synapse Transcale" is probably one of the most versatile guitars you could ever own.

    They have a built-in sliding capo allowing the scale length to be changed on the fly, starting at a couple of semitones below standard.

    Plus both two conventional pickups and a piezo, fully selectable and fadable either way, allowing it to sound electric, acoustic or a blend.

  • 1 month ago

    I like DiPinto guitars.

  • 1 month ago

    Dean is a very good brand, very under-rated.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Charvel guitars were very popular in the past, but the brand declined quite a bit in popularity for a while, though they've recently been making a bit of a comeback. One of my first guitars was a Charvel - a bright orange Charvel Classic. It was a fantastic guitar. 

    Ernie Ball is a company that's much better known for the bass guitars they make rather than their guitars, but their guitars are actually pretty solid. I've never owned one, but I've played a few, and I think they're all right. 

    Parker guitars are amazing, but they're really expensive. I've always wanted one, but you could buy four decent mid range guitars for the same money, and if I can add a dent Stratocaster, a Jackson, an Ibanez and a Gibson for the same money, I'd probably just accrue those over time for the sake of variety.   

    PRS Guitars are not exactly unknown, but PRS is not as famous as some other brands. They're excellent guitars, but they're a bit on the pricey side, so they're not really geared towards beginners who aren't looking to plunk down the kind of coin required to own one of these. And the guitarists associated with PRS are nowhere near as famous as those associated with other brands. 

    Yamaha has really picked up its game. I've never understood why their keyboards and drums get so much respect while people dismiss their guitars. Granted, they're not on par with some of the really well established brands, but they do have some solid models going for decent prices.  

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