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College negotiation pt 2?

My last resort is to email the financial aid office and maybe the school and negotiate. I have a sister in college and my Mom is the only one working, my Dad last his job due to covid. I’m going to mention that in the email, and ask how they came up with my package. I want to sound as respectful as I can obviously, but also persuade them. Any tips? What should I say in it exactly, how should I start it, end it, etc. I really wanna go to csu, I worked hard in school and I don’t wanna just go to wsu, the social aspect is perfect, I love Fort Collins, I love Colorado. I would just be so happy there and so unhappy and wsu but it is what it is. Please don’t answer with unnecessary **** like I have no hope or some dumb **** like that, I know it’s unlikely but anything is possible. Move along with your negative *** energy if ur gonna say something like that, good vibes welcome :) ❤️ 

4 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    What happened to part one? Information with which to advise you is missing. I get that you are seeking financial aid for college. You are referring to places we have no aquaintance with, e.g., "wsu", and your use of language strongly suggests that if you do get to college, you need to take English 1A and to become a bit more articulate in expressing yourself. Good luck,

  • 1 month ago

    1. It would help if you put the first and second halves of your question in the same category. The first half is in education; the second half is in family. 

    2. Your chances of negotiating a better financial aid offer is very limited in an out-of-state public university. Since they're taxpayer-funded, they're ethically if not legally required to spend their money on taxpayers (and their children). The whole reason they admit out-of-state students in the first place is because they bring in a lot of extra tuition money. 

    That's not to suggest, if you're an excellent student, they might not have some money to encourage you to go there. It's not very likely, but it certainly can't hurt to ask. Personally, I managed to wrangle a law school scholarship just by asking, but it was a conversation with a Dean, not the financial aid office per se (not to mention, at a private university, not a public university to which I was applying out-of-state). I'd have a conversation with the Department Chair of your intended major, and the admissions office, in addition to the financial aid office. 

    3. And if you are an excellent student, I'm not sure why you left the University of Washington out of your calculations? Were you not admitted there, or what? 

    4. You need to wait, however, until you've received your offer of admissions and financial aid offer, before you contact them to ask for more. 

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    just talk to them about it

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Based on "wanna" and "u" I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to be admitted.  You go where you are accepted and can afford to go and then do really well and TRANSFER.  Colleges do NOT negotiate financial aid/expenses/tuition UNLESS you are a near genius, and, in that case, it would all be on a scholarship.  This will shock you, but I put MYSELF through undergrad and grad school using small loans, scholarships, grants and part-time employment.

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