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audio problems...?

Watching the movie on TV, i would have to turn up and down the volume when there high and low parts in the movie. So i loaded the movie from the dvd or a movie i downloaded from online. I can drag the MP4 file to Audacity to open up the audio file. I used Limiter to even out the high and low sound to a even point that's good there. But, as i bring the high and low sound closer together, it brings out background noise that sounds like hearing wind blowing in the background.


When opening up the audio file of the movie in Audacity, I did used the compressor. But once that i get the audio file even out, it brings out a noisy background sound sound. the noisy sound like a flag whipping in the wind.

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    "audio problems...?"

    You need to tinker with your threshold setting.  You don't want to have the limiter engage until you are somewhere past the middle volume zone.  It would seem that you are squashing the whole signal, the entire time due to the threshold engaging the audio even at the quiet moments.

    Another thing you can try once you get the threshold set, is to lower the limiter ratio to something less than 10:1 but more than 3:1.  If you don't have those controls in audacity, you might try a compressor, which is the same as a limiter with lower ratios.


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