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Outlook Macro to place prefix on selected email subjects?

I have been trying to write a macro to bulk edit multiple email subject lines in Outlook. I want to be able to select multiple emails in outlook and run the macro, which put a prefix at the start of the subject line of all selected emails. The prefix will be determined by a pop-up box with a list of options, populated from a .txt file.

Currently I have the following code written:

Public lstText As String

Public OpenEdit As String

Public MType As String

Public Sub SetSubject()

Dim aItem As Object

 OpenEdit = ""


Set aItem = GetCurrentItem()

aItem.Subject = lstText & " " & aItem.Subject

If MType = "Inspector" Then aItem.Save

If OpenEdit = "Edit" Then

If MType = "Explorer" Then aItem.Display

End If

Set aItem = Nothing

End Sub

Function GetCurrentItem() As Object

    Dim objApp As Outlook.Application

    Set objApp = Application

    On Error Resume Next

    Select Case TypeName(objApp.ActiveWindow)

        Case "Explorer"

            Set GetCurrentItem = objApp.ActiveExplorer.Selection.Item(1)

            MType = "Explorer"

        Case "Inspector"

            Set GetCurrentItem = objApp.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem

            MType = "Inspector"

    End Select

    Set objApp = Nothing

End Function

With the current code, the macro will only work on a single email when that email is open in a window. What do I need to edit so that this will work on multiple selected emails, applying the same selected prefix to all in the current selection?

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