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What to do about this semester? ?

So due to the pandemic the way we are learning now is the new norm than what we were used to. I’m 29 and went back to college last spring of 2020 after a 3 year break.(I worked full time throughout the time I was off)

Obviously by March everything changed and ever since we have been online. I’m currently a year away from finishing with my BA but Im stressing so much currently and I’m debating about dropping half of my classes that I’m taking this semester. Which is just 4 classes but all of them upper division history classes. I’m not concentrating and I feel unmotivated. Sitting and staring at the computer screen mentally drains me.

Although I’m a very tech savvy I still prefer in class lectures and always avoided online classes because of this. 

I’m hoping that fall will be open again due to the vaccines being more available in the next few months. the con is that I may not graduate for another 2 years until 2023. however this was my original planjust that I was able to figure out a way to finish by next spring of 2022 but that means taking at least 5 classes each semester to do this. Obviously that can’t happen if I drop the classes I’m taking right nowBUT part of me is okay with this since spreading my classes out an extra semester will ease my stress and not be overloaded with work. 

I’m entering my 30s at the end of the year so I feel like I should be getting this done quickly as possible but at the same time I need to look after myself mentally. 

Any suggestions? 

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    2 months ago

    My. university already has many face-to-face classes going. We will be entirely back in the fall. Hang in there. Try doing some of your studying from paper books. Take breaks every 20 minutes and go for a walk. Try to relate what you're learning in history to current events- it will really help you remember them. 

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