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If a higher-rank employee is rude,ignores you,& never says thank you,does it not matter as long as he put in a good word for your evaluation?

For example, let’s say he’s locked out of the office (standing in elevator bank) because he forgot his key card.  Upon lower-rank employee’s arrival, higher-rank ignored him when he said “good morning,” and didn’t say “thank you” for opening the door.

In addition, when his secretary informed him that he needs his belongings brought down to his car, the lower-rank got secretary’s message and went down.  Upon his arrival, the higher-rank opened his van’s trunk so the lower rank could put the belongings in there.  But higher rank didn’t say thank you nor did he wave/nod.

This is assuming higher-rank employees ever say anything good about lower-rank employees regarding evaluations.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    #1 it does not matter

    #2 DO YOUR JOB

    #3 Go back to #1 and read them all again out loud.

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