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Should I be worried?

I mean, I have anxiety. I’m gunna worry. But just scared. There is this lady who used to be nice a long time ago, but now has been mean to my mom for a while. And whatever. That was about a year ago. Earlier today, my dog barked at her when she walked by and she said “that is a nasty dog”. My tiny Bella rose is not a nasty dog. Anyway, I “yelled” at her, saying “She is the nasty woman. And that she’s always being a ***** to my mom and mean to her. And that there was no reason to say that.” And then I also said “you were a substitute for my middle school class a long time ago and that the entire class was more mature than you”. Right? Should I have done it? No. I stayed way more than six feet back. Just said that. But anyway, whatever. In the past she has kinda been stalker-ish to my mom and her friend and now I’m scared like, that she’ll do something to me cause I really called her out. And now I’m freaked out. Any thoughts? Ugh. 

1 Answer

  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    How would worrying help the situation?

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