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I Have the Same Cancer That Killed Beau Biden. It's Time for an 'Operation Warp Speed' to Cure Cancer – Fantasy or legit anger? ?


Obviously, any action today isn't likely to help the author of this article and Operation Warp Speed was concerned with immanent threat to potentially millions of lives, but hasn’t cancer killed millions already? Won’t it kill millions more? 

Yes, money plays a major role, but we just overlooked that for COVID to the tune of nearly three trillion dollars stimulus, billions for Warp Speed and whatever harm has already befallen the economy. All that’s been shouldered for the ‘greater good’. Why isn’t saving cancer victims seen as the ‘greater good’? I understand Big Pharma took a significant hit to normal business plan profits to help with COVID, but they didn’t lose money. Does Big Medicine (and health care  insurance) need to be forced to do the same in the name of the ‘greater good’. Or is ‘ordinary’ public health only the greater good when profits can be maximized?

Making people live longer does increase concern in other areas like overpopulation, food production and dwindling natural resources, but shouldn’t those things already be more important than the political infighting that dominates today’s headlines?

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    That's what happens if you hold laissez-faire capitalism up as a Holy Grail. Even Adam Smith, who expounded capitalist theory, felt that way. Allowing markets to determine EVERYTHING leaves no room for purely humanitarian economic decisions. Those vaccines were developed because there was a reasonable expectation of large profit AND the drug makers were immunized (ironic, that) from lawsuits if something went wrong.

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    That's mostly fantasy, but your anger is VERY legitimate. 

    There are MANY TYPES of cancer. There will never be ONE cure. Each "cure" will have to be customized to each patent. That will be extremely expensive. 

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    Sorry Trump is no longer president. You get Operation Turtle's Pace now.

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