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What is the best inexpensive shower enclosure?

This is a rental unit. I do not want to spend  a lot. But, would like an easy to clean enclosure. Would like to know what makes some more expensive. The type of finish? or the seats and shelves.

1 Answer

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    1 month ago

    There are cheap shower units to be had at the big box home centers but be warned: you get what you pay for.

    You buy cheap, it performs cheap.  Thinner plastics, weaker attachments, etc.  It'll hold together well enough and perform well enough but unlike some others it just won't last very well.

    This is how poor people stay poor - they buy what they can afford because it's inexpensive, but it doesn't last long at all and after just a few years you have to get another one, another cheap one because that's all you can afford.

    Or spend twice as much for thicker, better materials, better fittings and get a product that lasts four, five, ten times as long.  It costs more today and is cheaper every day after that.

    Just my four cents.  Usually an opinion is two cents; mine costs twice as much but is a lot more valuable.

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