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if I sell my PS4 500gb at cash converters or a pawn shop how much will it be worth , I’ve had it for 6 years ?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    The CEX stores in the UK currently offer £101 cash for a fat PS4 500GB and £112 for the slim version. Both prices assume full working condition, no box, with the PSU, controller and cables. If you accept a voucher to spend with CEX those offers rise to £143 and £160, respectively.

    Cash Converters will typically offer quite a bit less. When the nearest Cash Converters branch to the CEX my daughter worked in had a glut of consoles they’d often try offloading them to CEX because CEX still paid more than Cash Converters had pId for them. CEX also rejected a lot of the Cash Converters stock as being faulty scrap. It’s precisely because Cash Converters cannot test those items as thoroughly as CEX do that Cash Converters make very low offers to subsidise the faulty items they have to scrap, usually after a buyer has demanded a refund for a faulty console.

    Sell privately. You’ll get much more. If you cannot sell privately then sell to CEX if they’re available where you live particularly if you want a voucher or a part-exchange for something else.

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    1 month ago


    Probably better to sell it on eBay

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