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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicPolls & Surveys · 1 month ago

Why BM date or bang WW to try to anger WM?

I noticed many blk men have no true intentions of bein with a white girl.they date or be with them hoping it angers white men.I was in predominant white college and we have few blk guys here and i noticed that usually they stay to themselves;but some will talk to white girls or even date them but they always want to know if white men are watching.i overheard a interracial couple sitting by a white kids at another tables the blk guy said "lets kids to make white boys mad" and the WW was okay with it. Yet the white kids didnt seem to care at all.then i heard blk guys brag about bangin white girls when in arguments to white guys just to get them seems to work when its a pretty white girl they want.Why use someone to make a race of men angry? I overheard several blk men say i aint into white girls "i just smash or be with them to pissed white men off" like wtf kinda mentality is that?

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    Tried it once but they were too annoying. 

  • There's probably a VERY small percentage of them that do so in the name of "revengeance" or whatever you wanna call it...but of course in my eyes that's a stupid reason to do so, let alone it being a foolish idea at the start.


    Why waste energy on that instead of being in a TRUE relationship or something?

  • I'm not white or black, .... But From the outside looking in, .... I'Ve Always hated Being Around interracial couples because it always seems like they're screaming for Negative Attention from the people around them, .... Other couples don't do that, ... but it's always when it's a coupling with a black person, .... If you see a white/Asian, Asian/Hispanic etc. interracial couple you Don't have that Dynamic going on, .... They just behave normally and exude the same energy and respect that any other normal couple would, .... 

    And then I'm gay so I can read the energy from the woman where she wants to subconsciously make the men around her jealous or angry and get attention because she's with the black man but I wouldn't touch you bītch with a 100 foot pole, .... The Same For The Black Man he Subconsciously Is Trying To Make The people around jealous or angry or get some kind of reaction , .... But then I'm gay so I'm just there Thinking, .... I wouldn't touch that nasty dog ur trying to show off Dumb Fck, .... With a 100ft pole, .... 

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  • 1 month ago

    except the big penis lie shoots them in them in the  foot and all the run from the police practice comes into play

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