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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleSkin & BodyOther - Skin & Body · 1 month ago

Why do some people think women look cheap if they have...?

a big bust?

Some women are just naturally like that. God made them that way (or if you're atheist then it's their genetic makeup). 


even if their bust area is covered up.

Update 2:

@Mike, 'like everyone thinks the same.

' Not true, I wrote 'SOME people' because I know many or perhaps most do not think this. 

Update 3:

I just wanted to understand why some think this.

2 Answers

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    1 month ago

    It might be with the way they carry themselves. Even though God might have made them that way some women might think they are better then other women because of that? I guess the key is whatever appearance you were born with behave with modesty so that your good internal traits might show through.

  • 1 month ago

    You just took a random opinion and threw it out there like everyone thinks the same.

    And just a piece of life advice; even if there are a handful or a chunk of people with this opinion, you can't please everyone on Earth, nor change their mind. Seeing people take on that battle is like watching a dog unsuccessfully chase it's own tail.

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