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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetComputer Networking · 2 months ago

Where is the Deep Web? Charter Web? Dark Web? Mariannas Web? How do I access them?

I have only used the “surface web” which is what I heard only like 3% of the internet and that 97% of the internet is not accessible by conventional means.

Supposedly a search engine for some of the deep web exists at grep.geek but the site link goes nowhere, supposedly I have to do something to domain settings and something to do with the NIC whatever that is?

The other part of the deep web i heard a trick of setting the router to .onion to access  hidden and forbidden content. I also heard that the deep web requires encryption keys to access?

How do I get to reading really nasty CHATs by radicals and hackers and see the hacker markets and the Silk Road Bitcoin web store. What kind of content is beyond the typical “beautiful people” of the surface web in the 97% of the internet that is the deep web?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    It's a lie that the whole internet we are using is 3%. If that was true and the dark web was 97... we would find a way to fill it with users, with us. Dark web is just some group of sites hidden from federals because of the illigal contest. Buying drugs, weapons, some video chats... That is what it is... It's just a protection, like browsers with better VPN that would hide you from everybody and you can do everything you want there being sure that federals won't get you. That's it. No 97% and secret places where you can become a superhuman or something, that's just myths. 

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