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Anonymous asked in SportsBasketball · 2 months ago

Why do people think Lebron is a great player?

Offensively he's okay but mostly a one trick pony. He can out-athlete guys and dunk but beyond that he's not much. Take away dunks and layups and he shoots 37% from the field. For comparison, Curry shoots 43% from the 3 point line. 

Defensively, he's average at best. 

His rebounding is terrible for a guy who spent most of his career as a forward

Mentally, he just doesn't play well in big games. Despite having more talent around him than any player in history, he's a pathetic 3-6 in the finals. 

He's terrible at 95% of the stuff that happens on the court in a game. I'll grant he's great at the other 5% but that isn't enough to make up for it. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    He's got a great marketing department

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