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Unexpected Drosophila F1 Progeny?

Eye color for Drosophila is supposed to be x-linked. So when crossing true breeding red-eyed males with true-breeding white-eyed females you would expect to see F1 progeny where the males were all white-eyed and the females were all red-eyed. But for our lab, our F1 progeny turned out ALL red-eyed. How is this possible?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    There are a couple of possibilities. One is that you messed up in setting up your cross. (Don't take this personally--I've seen it happen many times.) Another is that perhaps there is more than one way to produce Drosophila with white eyes. I assume you are going to generate an F2 generation. When your F2 flies emerge, look at them very carefully. You may see some eye colors that are not either of your parental eye colors. Just pay close attention. Also, try to get as large an F2 generation as possible. You might want to set up a couple of vials for producing F2 flies. 

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