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How do I feel and how do I realize it?

So I have this friend who has liked me for a long time and I worry about him because like me we both harm and he is depressed, like me, so I can't tell if I'm developing feelings for him or if I'm just worried about him. He flirts with me all the time but recently I've been a lot more receptive to it, like I've actually responded to it instead of just putting him down. Maybe I am? Or maybe I'm just so worried it's masking itself as a crush? I can't tell ugh I hate not knowing myself at all! Please help!


By harm I mean self harm and by put down I mean not flirt back, and I'm currently waiting to be assigned a psychiatrist. I need answers now though...

2 Answers

  • donnie
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    First off what do you mean by putting him down? Do you mean being mean or just not flirting back. Same thing by harm. Maybe seek Dr. Stephanie's advice below. But if you like him ask him out 

  • 2 months ago

    When you say "we both harm" did you mean self harming? As in cutting yourself, etc.?

    What sort of help are you seeking? I can see that you are worried, both about him and yourself as well.  I would highly recommend that you seek some good counseling. You can find it on line, e.g., Doctor on Demand. And if you are insured, it may cost you nothing, and you can do it from home on your computer. This needs more unraveling and support than we can supply here. Good luck,

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