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Anonymous asked in Social ScienceAnthropology · 1 month ago

 it is important for anthropologists to study organisms that are no longer alive? What value is there in learning how life evolved?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Anthropologists want to learn how humans evolved. Therefore they study organisms that are likely to be human ancestors. Science is all about understanding nature. Scientists do not worry about whether or not what we learn can be useful because that means we will probably never learn a lot of things if we only tried to learn things that are likely to be useful. Besides, many of the inventions that we find indispensable were made possible because of scientists studying things that did not appear to be useful. 

    For example, someone may question why anyone would be interested in how atoms are structured internally. Yet because of that research, we now have x-ray machines, electron microscopes, televisions, cell phones and other indispensable items. In fact GPS would not be possible if we don't know anything about relativity theory.  Because of our research into human evolution, we now know how to produce essential things like vitamin supplements cheaply enough that many people can benefit. That is because a study of evolution led to studies into genetics, and the study into genetics led us to the knowledge that bacteria use genes the same way we do and therefore we can actually change bacterial DNA so they will start producing vitamins for us cheaply. Sailors used to die from scurvy, a shortage of vitamin C, when they embark on long voyages. Now we can simply bring a bottle of vitamin C in our pocket and have no such worry because of they study of evolution. 

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