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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenMaintenance & Repairs · 1 month ago

Installing PVC that leads to where a new kitchen faucet will go, using a standard size stainless sink. What type of connection will it be ?

I'm asking about the point where the plumbing coming out of the wall, under the sink, once past the shut off valves, actually connects to the hoses coming off of a standard faucet that will sit into the top of the two large holes of a standard stainless steel sink. Is there a name for such a connection so I can make sure I'm installing the right connection on the PVC, and buying the right kind of faucet?

Is it a given that PVC should not crack, or at least be less likely to crack, when compared to galvanized steel, after a freeze so hard that dripping the faucets didn't save the pipes anyway? I'm also looking at PEX, but I don't think I could do PEX myself, would need a plumber. PVC seems pretty straightforward, just measure, cut, clean, cement, connect. 

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    1 month ago

    You need to use CPVC pipe .

    You can buy a shut off valve with the connection for the faucet hose on one side and you'll have to adapt the other to the CPVC pipe...

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    we're not totally clear on what you're trying to do -- and the new faucet comes with instructions.  If you're looking to install a water filter, it, too, comes with instructions.  Splitting the cold water line for use by a water filter or refrigerator is done with either a brass tee fitting [preferably with needle shut off valve] or replacing the standard cold water shutoff valve with one that has a second [smaller] outlet -- one caps the second outlet until needed for the water filter or refrigerator.  -- grampa

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You should not use PVC pipe. The shut off valve has a connection for a flexible hose (typically in a stainless steel woven cover).  You buy a hose long enough to get from the valve to the connection furnished on the faucet.  The faucet typically has a copper tube extending down about a foot with a threaded male connection on it.  All of these connection sizes at the valve and at the faucet are standard, so you buy a hose to hook up a faucet that is long enough to reach.  But check the size of the end connections.   If it is too far for the hose, then you move the valve closer by removing the valve and screwing on bronze nipples and fittings and then putting the valve back on the end of the bronze nipple.  All of this is at the plumbing store.  PVC is for cold water, for hot water use CPVC if you decide to go the plastic route.  Its at the plumbing store.  PVC is the weakest of all of the pipes and is typically use outside and buried. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    generally shut off valves would be installed at the end of the pipe right after the air chamber that silences water hammering 

    most faucet hoses hook up to a 3/8” compression fitting, you can also use 1/2” 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The pipe manufacturer should make standard faucet connectors that suit the pipe.

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