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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 2 months ago

Any dieting & weight loss tips?

Hello! I’m tired of my body emotionally and physically and I’d like to start my journey to lose weight and get healthier. 

About me: I am a 22 year old female, 5’4” and around 270 lbs. (I know.) I have a job that I work from 3pm-11:30pm and I’m on my feet all day doing physical activities. If you have any tips on dieting, working out, etc, I’d love to know them! I’ve looked a bunch of stuff up and I’m really not sure where I should start. 

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    2 months ago
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    Well for starters, this wouldn't be a DIET. Diet, to society, means something short term to reach goals short term, then when we reach that goal, we pig out again. The way you eat has to be an entire lifestyle change PERMANENTLY, not just a year of struggling until you reach your goal weight. Losing weight is 80% what you put and don't put into your mouth, 20% moving more, and if you already have an active job, then it's obvious that how and what you eat are causing your to gain weight/stay the same.

    So you need to do some homework. You can pick and choose what you want to do it and how, but typically, writing things down helps a lot of people and really gives them insight to their actual eating habits. So for a week or two, DON'T START cutting calories. Instead, eat how you would normally eat and write it down. You can tally up fat, carbs, calories, and sugar. Then take a long look at it. Seriously LOOK at it. I'm not telling you to feel badly about it, I'm not telling you to punish yourself over it, but really look at the crap that you're putting into your body. This really helps people actually see what they are eating and it shocks the living hell out of people when they see it written down. Next, evaluate your relationship with food. Why do you eat like that? Where do the cravings come from? Why do you need to constantly eat? Why does eating "make it all better?" You need to shift your focus on WHY you eat the way you do, and answer those questions yourself.

    After that, I would really urge you to talk to a nutritionist and dietician, ones that will LISTEN TO YOU and cater to your needs. Diet plans are garbage and are really just guidelines, but we all of us should be eating lean proteins, healthy natural fats, low to no processed garbage, and whole grains. If you find you can't, as many people don't speak to professionals, then make up your own eating plan. I don't know what you like or dislike, don't know if you cook for yourself, but seriously, read, read, read and learn how to cook. Meal prepping is also very handy.

    Once this is done, you need to factor in nutrition vs. cravings, substance over easy, and taste over health. So for example (not accurate, just an example), an avocado is 350 cals. So is an average sized candy bar. The candy bar is sweet and wonderful, but full of empty sugars and calories. The avocado has HEALTHY FATS and is more nutritionally sound. This is why counting calories is complete crap and allows you more outs and cheats than actually looking up foods that are more nutritionally sound. So you allow yourself 2000 cals per day, and you haven't eaten for 5 hours, then binge on a burger that's 1100 cals. Well, that's almost half your allowed amount, so it's ok, right? WRONG. The burger sucks. Totally SUCKS. You could have had a filling bowl of oatmeal with berries and real cream for 450 cals, popcorn (also filling and a whole grain) for 100 cals, and a piece of cheese and some nuts (healthy fats, filling) for 400 cals...still leaves you over 100 cals that the burger just destroyed and you ate more healthy foods that have so much more nutrition in them!

    I lost 40 pounds in 4 months and have kept it off for 2 years. I was 180 and now I'm about 140 lbs., give or take the dreaded PMS 5. What did I do? I stopped eating fast food, cooked for myself more, stopped eating processed sugars, stopped processed foods altogether, pretty much, stuck to one-ingredient foods, and meal prepped. I still do this. I really took a look at my relationship with food and what it was doing and not doing to and for my body. That really changed my perspective. I can eat healthfully and still enjoy food. It's not my whole world: I eat to live, not live to eat. I didn't count calories or fats, didn't restrict myself at all when it came to foods I love. I just cut down portions, and really listened to my body. Am I hungry, or just bored? Am I hungry, or just thirsty? I eat two meals per day, maybe a snack in between, drink water, cut soda out completely, and again, I just listen to my body. SO listen to YOURS!

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