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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferencePrimary & Secondary Education · 2 months ago

Should I let my advisor attend my presentation at an academic conference?

I am an undergrad working on my honors thesis under the guidance of my academic advisor. I am presenting my work for the first time at few virtual academic conferences next month.  

I know that "let" is a weird way of putting it - my advisor can attend, and I can't force her not to. What I mean is I know she would rather listen to me present at the conferences, but I would feel painfully uncomfortable knowing she was in attendance. She says she will do whatever I am more comfortable with, but I know she will feel bad if I say I don't want her there. 

I love my advisor and she's worked hard with me on preparing the project, so I think she deserves to go. But it would make me SO anxious if she did, and I don't know why. Should I just get over it and tell her I don't mind if she attends, or is it not a big deal if she doesn't go? I feel mean and immature - but I don't think the former is true!

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