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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 2 months ago

Stamping on us currency law?

My understanding is stamping currency in I itself is legal as long as it’s not to advertise for a business . Could I face any problems going to my bank getting 200 1s a week stamping them an returning to circulation . I realize police could frown at it but any real legal issues 

4 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Someone in MY State - and I don't know where you are - did exactly this.  The stamp asked the people receiving the currency to sign into a website and give their location.  The person who started the chain and owned the website was charged and convicted of defacing currency.  The DA proved that people were reluctant to receive the bills as change, the stamp making them believe the bills were counterfeit.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Apparently, it's legal as long as you don't try to change the denomination or advertise a business. 

  • 2 months ago

    It would be illegal.  Your not allowed to deface currency.

    A few years back someone was stamping bills to track were the bills went.  They got into a little bit of trouble for doing that.

  • 2 months ago

    My understanding is that it's illegal to 'deface' currency only in ways that make it unfit for circulation.  For instance, it wouldn't be illegal to drill a hole in a quarter to hang it on a string around your neck, because that quarter can still be spent.

    When Treasury Sec'y Mnuchin refused to change the $20 bill to put Harriet Tubman's picture on it, someone made a stamp of Tubman that could go over the picture on the bill.  This was not illegal!

    But banks will very often take altered currency out of circulation and send it back to the Treasury to be shredded and reissued.  This is why you hardly ever see currency that's been altered, written on, stamped, etc.

    Back during the Vietnam War there were people who wrote 'STOP THE WAR!' on every bill that passed through their hands.  And you often saw them in money in circulation.  But for some reason they cracked down on this AFTER the war.

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