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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 1 month ago

how do japanese people live so long?

japanese food is quite often very high in sodium and sodium is said to be bad for you

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

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  • Ben
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    Excess sodium is not the only thing to watch out for in a diet, you know.

    Apart from the relatively high sodium content, the Japanese diet is very healthy. It is high in oily fish, vegetables and fermented foods, all of which are very good for you.

    What's more, the incidence of obesity in Japan is very low, partly due to the diet, partly due to a greater propensity for getting exercise, and partly due to a societal expectation for one not to become overweight. 

    This means Japan does not suffer from the high numbers of people dying young from obesity-related diseases that countries like the US have, which would drag the average age down. 

  • Craig
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    On their islands, Japanese people have been marrying other Japanese people (and NOT marrying people from outside Japan) for millennia.  This isolated breeding has gradually created a pool of humans that are physically distinct from other homo sapiens.  One of the distinctions allows their bodies to contain a higher level of dissolved salts, and a commensurate higher level of saturation, without this impairing their circulatory systems the way it often does with older, non-Japanese peoples.  (This might also have to do with behaviors unique to Japanese culture.)

    Another distinction is longevity.  It's pointless to wonder what, exactly, is the cause of this longevity - because it is likely restricted to those with the uniquely-over-bred Japanese genetic heritage and can't be reproduced by a non-Japanese homo sapiens who simply imitates Japanese diet and behavior.

    Beyond the question of "Blue Zone" longevity on Okinawa:  If you glance around the world, any place you find that breeding opportunities are cut-off from potential mates on other landmasses by geographical features (deserts, mountain ranges, oceans), you'll notice that the people within those cut-off boundaries have INTRA-bred rather than EXTRA-bred so long that their population has begun to express genetic differentiations or specializations that the rest of the world's population has not.  This is how Europeans became white, and how Africans became resistant to malaria, and so on.  It can be seen in smaller and smaller scale in such places as Madagascar, Australia, Korea, and Japan.  If all Humanity lived together on one big continent so there were no barriers to extra-breeding, we would all look more or less alike (reddish-brown skin, black hair, almond eyes, rounded noses with low bridges) and our longevity would be the same everywhere.  Indeed, it only takes a couple of generations of extra-breeding for all the offspring to return to that model, and that natural state describes about 40% of all homo sapiens alive today.

    The distinctions (that many of us mistake for archetypes of "race") are merely the temporary specializations from exclusive intra-breeding, which require protective isolation by geographical barriers in order to continue (much like certain enterprises can only flourish behind protective trade barriers).  As soon as extra-breeding across the geographical barriers becomes practical, those specializations like longevity start to disappear.

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