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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenMaintenance & Repairs · 2 months ago

Hot water heater leak?

It seems to have gotten worse. Am calling a plumber today. In the meantime I turned off the cold water shut off valve. 

Do I need to turn the power off too?   I did not turn the power off in case I want to take  shower later depending on when the plumber can get here.


The leak is contained for now. Maybe 6-8 oz on the floor.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    you're likely to be taken on the cost of that replacement.  I was quoted $1200.  Did the job myself [with assist from next door neighbor] for under 500.  turn the power off as well.  a standard 40 gallon tank will still havee hot water enough for a shower or even two.  PS:  you have to turn the cold water back on to shower -- the tank has to replace the volume of water used from somewhere, or it can't drain and there'll be no pressure in the hot water, hence no hot water in the shower.  -- grampa

  • 2 months ago

    Take you shower now and start the cool down process.  You have no hot water because you have no pressure because you shut the valve.  You are now heating  water that can't be used.  The plumber is not going to fool around with hot water.  He will have to drain the tank to move it.   Put some water in containers in case you need it after you shut off the water.  Measure the height and diameter of the tank and buy a new heater exactly like what you have so that the connections can be remade easily.  Unless you want something else and want to go through the additional problem of getting the new tank to fit.  For that new tank, buy the best one available.  Best warranty, best construction, best controls, etc.  Hopefully it will last longer and you won't have this problem again. Not having this problem is worth the money.  So, get on the internet and look up hot water heaters and find one like you want.  Then give that information to the plumber and let him get it and put it in.  Include in the deal hauling off the old heater and and boxes, trash, etc.

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