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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 2 months ago

Do any real gamers actually LIKE Grand Theft Auto games?

I can understand casuals enjoying them, but to real gamers, I don't see where the fun would be, there aren't any interesting missions, no challenge, the freeplay lacks cohesion with the story (Niko Bellic is a contemplative, tragic figure in the story, and yet he guns down people en masse for no reason in freeplay? Huh?!), and the fighting and shooting mechanics are... mediocre at best.

I'd say Yakuza is far more fitting a series for a real gamer to play, there are real characters, there's real gameplay, real challenges, and the combat? The combat is AMAZING. Real gamers like real quality.

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  • 2 months ago
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    Depends on your definition of a real "gamer" lol 

    Some gamers like a whole load of games and GTA is just another game they play. Plus for many "gamers" GTA could be the first game they played that got them into gaming which gives them a sense of nostalgia when they play it. 

    GTA is still a quality game and is very successful. If GTA was too challenging it wouldn't have the fan base it has now. Plus a lot of it can be quite challenging in other ways like forming a crew for a heist and working cooperatively to succeed. 

    Niko Bellic wasn't bad, but it does get boring after a while and that's why they release a new one. Like liberty city stories and stuff like that.

    Overall it's just another game to enjoy. In my view a real gamer is someone who plays a range of games not just tries to get good at one combat game. Someone who can switch from something like pokemon to like call of duty shows they have an interest in games in general and it's not that they just like one game.

  • so that being the case why have you obviously played it substantiateively enough  to understand details and observations like you are claiming?

    what makes you think other people are or more importantly should be different?

    Yakuza is an overblown streets of rage, doesn't even have modes of transport to navigate around the world map,  but seen as you are asking...i prefer LA Noire,   because it's much more realistically based, and i love the almost unique detective mechanics,   it's a shame though both games have awful driving physics....mafia prob wasn't quite as good, but at least it had semi realistic driving physics.....

  • 2 months ago

    I like Xavier's answer. (a well-deserved thumb up).

    The term 'real gamer' is relative.  And, to me, a real gamer is someone who likes and plays a wide range of game types rather than just a specific type.

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